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Brief review of his career:

Plastic artist and veterinarian, born in 1949 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At present his professional practice has been left aside and he has nearly exclusively dedicated his time to art. This love for animals, at first as a veterinarian doctor, was later transferred to his oil paintings and water-colours. He acquired mastery of this difficult art studying with renowned artist Héctor Giuffré for a length of six years.

He has always been very much in touch with farming and country life. Art critic Rafael Squirru has stated: “To become immersed in the equestrian related theme (…) requires special skill and innate vocation. (…) Ignacio Solá, as Leonardo would, views the horse from two optics: scientific and artistic. His anatomic awareness and knowledge of animals delights our sight at the precision of shapes and pelts…”.


He mainly uses oil on canvas although has occasionally indulged in the use of water-colours.

His early beginnings started by painting farms, prairies, rural landscape, scenes of polo and turf. Added to this, portrait paintings.

His works of art have been exhibited in many galleries. He has also participated in numerous exhibitions in Argentina and Brazil, on an individual basis or part taking with other artists.

His love for art has generated in him a deep interest in restoration of antiques, refurbishing and revaluing of paintings. An example of this has been the restoration of the Via Crucis of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires.